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Moorish Americans are the descendents of the Ancient Moabites who inhabited the Northwest and Southwest shores of Amexem, the true and divine Name of Africa.

Thursday, January 28, 2010

Moor's Order of The Roundtable

The Moor's Order of The Roundtable (M. O. O. R.) was Founded by Taj Tarik Bey and Officially Established in June of 1982 A.D. = 1402 Moorish Calender Year at Schecabee Territory, Northwest Amexem. The M.O.O.R. is a Civic Association which aids the Moorish Nation through treatises of History, Culture, Government (Civics), Industry, Descent (Pedigree, Parentage), Science, etc.. It's inception is due to a thorough analysis of the works and teachings of Sheik Shariff Abdul Ali (Noble Drew Ali).
The Roundtable is a civic association of National, Indigenous Moors, not to be confused with, nor mistaken as a religious group or organization! We are a civilly active part of the Indigenous Moorish Nation. We treat the Science of Government.
Our civic activity is a National Sovereign Birthright. We encourage the reformation of all Indigenous Peoples and encourage them to proclaim their NATIONALITY and BIRTHRIGHTS - honoring their own Mothers and Fathers. Just as other civilized nations support and establish institutions to serve and preserve their posterity, we recognize that Moorish families and children need institutions to serve and preserve the Moorish Nation. We work toward those ends.

Excerpt from: M.O.O.R. Civic Lesson Book No.5
By: Taj Tarik Bey

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