Enforcing Our Unalienable Rights

Moorish Americans are the descendents of the Ancient Moabites who inhabited the Northwest and Southwest shores of Amexem, the true and divine Name of Africa.

Thursday, January 28, 2010

The Moorish Divine and National Movement

The Moorish Divine and National Movement was Founded by Noble Drew Ali and Officially Established in 1913 A.D. = 1333 Moorish Calendar Year at Newark New Jersey State Republic. A Political platform for All Moorish Americans to take their place within the Affairs of Men. A focal point of this Movement is teaching those things necessary to make Our Members better Citizens. The Movement has a host of outreach-arms and institutions, such as: The Moorish Holy Temple of Science, the Moor's Order of the Roundtable, the Old Canaanite Temple, the Circle of Mothers and Sons, the Moorish Science Temple of America and etcetera. The chief objective is to better the condition of those Peoples so-called black people, colored folks, negroes, ethiopians etc.. All Moorish Americans are By-Law to support All Universal Law (Divine Law, Common Law) and to, at all times, adhere to the Principles of Love, Truth, Peace, Freedom and Justice.

"Come all ye Asiatics of North America and hear the Truth about your Nationality and your Birthrights. You are not negroes, black people, colored folks or ethiopians. Learn of your Forefathers Ancient and Divine Creed. Learn to Love instead of Hate! Come and Link yourselves back with the Families of Nations"...
-Noble Drew Ali

Moor's Order of The Roundtable

The Moor's Order of The Roundtable (M. O. O. R.) was Founded by Taj Tarik Bey and Officially Established in June of 1982 A.D. = 1402 Moorish Calender Year at Schecabee Territory, Northwest Amexem. The M.O.O.R. is a Civic Association which aids the Moorish Nation through treatises of History, Culture, Government (Civics), Industry, Descent (Pedigree, Parentage), Science, etc.. It's inception is due to a thorough analysis of the works and teachings of Sheik Shariff Abdul Ali (Noble Drew Ali).
The Roundtable is a civic association of National, Indigenous Moors, not to be confused with, nor mistaken as a religious group or organization! We are a civilly active part of the Indigenous Moorish Nation. We treat the Science of Government.
Our civic activity is a National Sovereign Birthright. We encourage the reformation of all Indigenous Peoples and encourage them to proclaim their NATIONALITY and BIRTHRIGHTS - honoring their own Mothers and Fathers. Just as other civilized nations support and establish institutions to serve and preserve their posterity, we recognize that Moorish families and children need institutions to serve and preserve the Moorish Nation. We work toward those ends.

Excerpt from: M.O.O.R. Civic Lesson Book No.5
By: Taj Tarik Bey

National Republic of the United States of America

Insight of the Truth about the origin of the Government known as the United States of America National Republic unveils that this Government in it's original form is comprised of many Nations coming under One Free National Government in order to overthrow regimes and dictatorials spear-headed by tyrants, thieves and criminals the world-over. The chief objective of this blended Government is to stop the centuries of wars between the Moslems and the Christians for the greater good. The Moslem Powers known for conquering by sea, and the Christian Powers known for conquering by land. A study of world history offers insight to the conditions of private men and their families at this time, subject to the jurisdiction of which ever power had the military might to govern a portion of territory; forced servitude being the status quo, this era was soon to end with the turn of the 18th century. A few sound references to prove what is being espoused is not a mere opinion is: the Declaration of Independence of 1776 by: Thomas Jefferson; Treaty of Peace and Friendship of 1787 (between the Moroccan Empire and the United States of America); A Divine Warning By the Prophet For the Nations by: Noble Drew Ali; George Washington's Letter of 1789 to His Imperial Majesty The Emperor of Morocco Sidi Mohammad Ibin Abdallah (found in the Library of Congress: George Washington's Papers); the Zodiac Constitution by: C. M. Bey (found in the Library of Congress: Zodiac Constitution {Reg. No. AA222141-143}). You read these reference points and choose this day whom you will serve! Are you the servant of your representatives or are the representatives your servants?

Excerpt from: What Government?
By: Alexsande Vega Bey